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If you love telemarketing and are set up in a quiet home based office, we should talk! We pay a higher than average hou
rly rate and, although we are a group of Independent Contractors, we place a greater value on individualism than we do group or corporate culture. Skill, talent, drive and determination are all within the individual. We work with YOU to achieve the goals set within campaign objectives and more importantly, yourself.

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Our Core Marketing Services


Telemarketing is still the only form of marketing that can directly interact with your prospects. Think about that! Telemarketing gets to the heart of the matter. When we call and talk with your prospects, we talk business and qualify leads before setting up day/time appointments for You to speak with them in more detail. No other form of marketing can do that!


We create a custom email template that provides prospects with an overview of your core services, product offerings or campaign objectives. We deliver that template when requested or when prospects agree to receive an email pertaining to our client's service.


Regardless of whether or not an appointment is scheduled, many of our calls professionally brand our clients business and help establish their crediibilty with the prospect. Branding is accomplished whrn we introduce ourselves, leave voice messages and again in email templates that we send to prospects on behalf of our clients.

What Clients Say...

"Having dealt with dozens of telemarketing operations in the last 12 years, I can tell you, Dave and his team over at Client Acquisition Partners are definitely the most competent telemarketing group servicing the B2B sector and business coaching specifically." 

Eric Dombach  The Coaches Coach

"David and his team are total pros! I've hired them several times for different campaigns for my Real Estate business and they deliver top quality results every time. I'm a Real Estate Coach and also own my own Real Estate company and I reccommend R E A L (real estate appointment leads) all the time."

Sean Moudry, Steps Real Estate

"Dave and his team made us feel at home. They delivered what they said they would and then some. Based on our first 3-month program, we decided to hire them back next year, but this time we will double our program!"

Ryan Shea, Monica Sharp Real Estate

What Makes
CAP SO Effective?

Before even making a call, we may need to online research a lead to gather additional information. A website provides great insight; values, who the key players are, their goals etc. Once basic intel is copied and pasted into your database, we'll make the call.

If we make contact, we're
prepared with unique and insightful information about the company, which provides a springboard to launching an intelligent conversation - not just a typical cold call. If we don't make contact, more often than not, we'll reach voicemail, where we can leave a brief introduction message. If we have an email address, we'll send them an email as well.

Did you know that an average consumer requires 7-10 brand impressions before going from complete apathy to even being slightly curious? That's a lot of brand impressions! Our Personal Branding & Appointment Setting program is all about
creating as many brand impressions as we can! 

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