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Experience: Having generated thousands of leads and appointments, we've come to understand a thing or two about building a solid pipeline of qualified seekers. Qualified is the key word, as everyone of our appointments are asked: Do you have any interest in Franchise Ownership?". We will not waste your time and money. 


What Makes Your Program Unique?

We will elevate YOU above your competition: Our IMC's work from home-based locations and have passed a 3-part interview before being awarded contracts. Campaigns renew only when our clients see a return on their investment, and that's why we treat your business as if it were our own. Our personal security directly depends on how well we perform for our clientsWe're constantly striving to improve results through daily interaction with callers and clients. The reason we are so successful is due to the fact that we do not pass off appointments before a certain standard of qualification is achieved. This is what sets us apart from most other appointment setting services, as they are content with evasive and misleading tactics to get the prospect to say "yes" without explaining that we only want to talk further if they are interested in franchise opportunities or self employment. Simply put, quality cannot be achieved without qualifying
Rapport Building...
How We Communicate With Your Prospects: We verbally engage your prospect in focused conversations, effectively branding your company and your name, while professionally broadcasting your offer. We quickly identify "hot" prospects and attempt to set up appointments with our clients in their online calendars. Prospects that do not express immediate interest often request, or agree to receive, information for future consideration. 
We email prospects an approved template directly from our CRM, providing additional information about our client, along with enticing bullet points about the servics provided. 

Outsourcing Telemarketing...
Like compound interest, we increase your wealth while you do other things: After you’ve tried cold calling yourself, your next step would be hiring a professional telemarketing company, like ours. Let's face it, creating, implementing and managing an effective ongoing telemarketing campaign can be challenging. The company you choose should understand your business and know what it takes to manage all aspects of the campaign. Booking consistent appointments is a big part of any campaign, but maintaining a high-level of client service and day-to-day accountability to calling operations takes experience and skill. Reporting is one of our areas of expertise; our Matrix report breaks metrics down into various compartments, helpful in identifying important factors such as lead sources, and what sources are performing vs. what sources are not. If there are any questions or concerns with a campaign, we spend as much time as required on the phone with our clients to answer or resolve any question or issues they may have.


What We Do Best

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    Telemarketing is still the only form of marketing that directly interacts with your prospects. Think about that! Telemarketing gets to the heart of the matter. When we call and talk with your prospects, we specifically talk about business ownership and franchise opportunities. Only when a "Seeker" says YES to having an interest in speaking with our Coach, do we set up a day/time appointment. No other form of marketing can do accomplish that goal! Plain and simple, telemarketing is still the quickest route to new business!

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    We create a custom email template that provides "Seekers" with an overview of your core services. We deliver that template when requested or when "Seekers"agree to receive an email pertaining to business ownership and franchise opportunities.  This would happen naturally during our call and is typically how we approach our marketing. We also create an "Appointment Confirmation" template and send it to the lead (and copy you), on every set appointment. 

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    We can help with your general marketing materials. Branding is a fee for service. Custom quotes are provided for each specific item required. We have the eye for design, what color pallets to work with, and we think we have a knack for text placement too! We will utilize that experience to come up with a look and feel that suits you and your image, to a tee.

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    Daily Call and Booking Reports are set up to capture and display the contacts that were called on any given day.  "Seekers" that agree to an appointment will also be logged in our Booking Report. Reports can be modified to show results for the day, week, month etc. We can set up additional custom reports as well. Managers handle this function so our coaches don't have to!

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    A Project Manager is assigned to every coach client. The PM reports directly to their client and maintains campaign continuity. They supervise the callers and deal with day-to-day situations that our clients would have to manage if they were to hire a caller directly. On top of managing callers, PM's take care of the backend, ensuring up to date reporting.

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    We often hear that our group is one of the only telemarketing operations that solely focus on Franchise Coaches. We have been cold calling for Franchise Coaches since 2005 and have had close to 200 coach clients through our program. At this point, we think like coaches, talk like coaches and want to help "Seekers" find that perfect franchise match, just like our coaches.

Over 12-month span

  • 5,400

    Numbers Dialed

    300 new seekers each month, plus our ongoing call backs, approximately 450 calls are made per Coach each month.


  • 200


    We schedule day/time phone meetings with approximately 5% of the 5,400 numbers dialed for each Coach.

  • 144

    Calling Hours

    Our program runs for a total of 144 billable hours. We split the 144 hours into 12 easy monthly payments.

“Having dealt with dozens of telemarketing operations in the last 12 years, CAP is definitely the most competent telemarketing group servicing the business to business sector and more specific, coaching. I know for a fact that clients are being converted from CAP leads by many of coaches.”

Eric Dombach
The Coaches Coach


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “Dave and his crew are pros. I just started my coaching business and didn't really know what to expect. I didn't have a lot of practice selling my services but that changed, quickly, after hiring CAP's Business Coach Calling team to generate appointments for me. They do a fantastic job, that's for sure!”


    Darris Perzan
    Velocity Business Coaching, Calgary

  • “I have been fortunate to land two clients thru their efforts and my return on investment is 100%.  That is the kind of ROI that anyone can be proud of and I am very pleased with the work CAP has been doing and look forward to continued work with them.” 


    Kale Gaston
    FSBI Brands International, NC

  • “As a new AdviCoach owner I have found the expertise of the people at CAP to be very helpful to my understanding of how the telemarketing strategy works for our industry.  I have also appreciated their quick and thorough response whenever I have had questions. I have now signed up three clients through your good efforts. Keep up the great work! The last CCS that signed up said he never takes calls and it was fate that he took yours!!!  Keep up the good work!"


    Bill Horowitz
    AdviCoach, Massachusetts

  • “I am a new coach.  Marketing my business and contacting new customers is key to successfully building a solid client base.  Customer Service from CAP has been outstanding.  I get activity reports after each call block summarizing daily and month to date activity.  I also get e-mails from my caller when she makes contact with a potential prospect with notes of their conversation.  When I contact the prospective clients they are no longer a “cold” lead and are informed about our services.  I find CAP to be a great investment in marketing my business and will continue to use their services.”


    Ron Neilson
    The Neilson Group, Wisconson

  • “I have been using CAP for 6 months now. They have been easy to work with and very responsive. The lead quality is very good and I closed my first client as a result of their efforts. I currently have several others that have a high probability of closure as well.
    BIG NEWS!!!!!!! 
    THANK YOU!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!   THANK YOU!!!!!


    Frank Newhard
    Business Coach, Maryland

  • “I want you to know that CAP is the best organization I've worked with for this purpose and my caller has done a wonderful job. You understand our market, our approach and are quick to adjust the program based on results. Thanks also to you, Charlene, for staying in close touch. For the Atlanta market, it's still been an uphill battle, but I did sign up a client this week from your efforts."


    David Weaver
    Business Coach, Atlanta

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